Not Every Time (Part-2) مسلسل مش كل مرة

Finally, here is a trial of a TV series named in English (Not Every Time) part2.

A complete TV series shooting with Canon 7D in my country (YEMEN), I played a role of a cinematographer using canon 7D, and shooting for more than 60 hours on only one 7D camera, shooting for 28 days, after we finished, editing was another story …

Editing a 60 hours of 7D materials supposed to be a pain, right? especially when you useing tons of magic bullet looks and Colorista effects.

Well, everything goes smooth and nicely, thanks to Adobe ….

we using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, The ability of Premiere to take advantage of the CUDA cards (like GTX 285 card) make editing (like a magic) in real time (so we don’t have to reconvert anything).

This series was officially in Arabic language, so i added subtitles on this one (thanks to my friend khaled al-haddad) just for you guy’s 😉

So please, I would like to hear your opinion on this.

Director: Sameer AL-Afeef

Shooting in 1920 X 1080 25p
cropped in 1280 X 544 (only this one)

lenses used :
70-200 f4 canon L USM
18-135 EF-S canon IS
24-105 f4 canon L IS
50 canon f1.8

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